movement to empowerment’.

Mijn leerproces in deze Ashtanga module is acceptatie, accepteren wat is, dat scheelt een hoop frustratie;-). Ik heb genoten, een verrijking voor mijn lijf, mijn mentale staat en voor mijn lessen. Ongemerkt neem ik heel veel van jouw kennis mee in mijn lessen. Ik wil je onwijs bedanken voor je sprankelende lesgeef stijl. Dankzij jou ben ook van Ashtanga Yoga gaan houden!

Simone van der Kolk

Heel veel geleerd tijdens de Ashtanga module. Anna gaf elke week precies genoeg informatie om je verder te helpen, alles viel steeds meer op zn plek. Anna motiveert om tijd en aandacht in je practice te steken, met alle mooie resultaten tot gevolg. Ik vind haar echt een inspiratie.

Kristel Huisman

“Loved your sharing and teaching style. You are a very beautiful person from in and out – very inspirational.
Thank you for all that you have shared in your sessions”.

Recently I follew Anna’s handstand workshop and besides the fact that it was really fun, I also learned a lot. My handstands significantly improved because of Anna’s clear explanation. I particularly liked the fact the she really takes the time to explain how to contract your muscles in certain balancing poses. She uses very helpful exercise to also let you feel these muscles. I loved it and will definitely go back to one of her workshops.


Always enjoy Anna’s classes! I recently joined one of her handstand workshops, which was fun and very helpful as I’m not very acrobatic myself and really needed some hands-on advice on how to work towards that upside down balancing pose ;-).


I enjoyed the handstand & arm-balance workshop of Anna very much. I’d never practiced handstand before, so I did not actually know what I could expect… What I liked most was the fact it was joyful & playful – for any level. Anna made everyone feel very welcome and there was space for having a laugh, but still with high-quality guidance. I cannot wait until the next one. 🙂

Robin Jasperse

Anna her yoga classes are energizing with the right amount of humor, especially when we take ourselves too serious in difficult asanas. She shows a more compassionate way to look at oneself while also exploring boundaries. Her energy lifts up the room, this way she empowers her students to bring out the best of themselves. Anna makes the connection from getting to know yourself on the yoga mat to how we relate to daily life challenges outside of the class. This way we integrate the gained insights

Nina Beyleveld


Yoga classes

– 8.30am Ashtanga at De Nieuwe Yogaschool
– 11am Yin at Equal Yoga
– 12.30pm 45 minutes Flow at Equal Yoga
– 08.45am Astanga Led at Delight Yoga
– 08.45am Astanga Mysore beginners  at Delight Yoga
– 4.30pm Astanga Led at Delight Yoga

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Teacher at the Vinyasa Teacher Training at Equal Yoga
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Anna Scott Miller – yoga

With a background of movement (gymnastics, climbing and studying & teaching Physical Education), yoga was the link to combine my skills. Working with people, coaching, personal development, being active and……having fun. Educated in Ashtanga, Vinyasa (Flow) and Yin (E-500 RYT) and constantly expanding my knowledge. My classes are physically active (except for Yin) and mentally relaxing with a lot of room to explore your own capabilities, on and off the mat.

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