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Vinyasa, Yin & Face Yoga

Yoga Retreat Portugal

From 1550,-

1-8 November 2023

Yoga Retreat Portugal

Come & join us for a full immersive Yoga Retreat in the beautiful nature of the north of Portugal! To nourish yourself, to reset & relax, to let yourself be guided in moving & sweating, as well as slowing down and listening to your body.

“Debbie's yoga sends stress to the universe immediately! Her relaxed and unique way of teaching, makes yoga accessible for everyone. Her not too floaty approach filled with loads of knowledge and funny twists, shows she knows how to trigger her students to smoothly stretch to their next level.”
- Fabiana, client yoga retreat Morocco March 2022

“Anna's yoga class are energizing with the right amount of humor, especially when we take ourselves too seriously in difficult postures. She shows a more compassionate way to look at yourself, while also exploring boundaries. Her energy lifts up the room and empowers us students to bring out the best of ourselves. Anna makes the connection with what we encounter on the mat to daily life challenges off the mat. This way we integrate the gained insights.”
- Nina, yoga student & teacher

About Us

We met while practicing & later teaching together at Delight Yoga in Amsterdam. What we have learned from our yoga studies (both E-500 RYT), our mutual enthusiasm, our passion for our own yoga practices & what it can bring to your life, is something we would love to share with you. Anna specializes in Ashtanga & Vinyasa and Debbie in Yin & Face Yoga. Our Instagram.

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Find out more about Anna


Every day we start with a morning flow. Have a YIN, MEDITATION or NIDRA practice & explore the principles of FACE YOGA. On top of that, we'll deepen your experience with 3 workshops


We stay in a beautiful VALLEY apart from traffic & the outside world. We hear the sounds of the birds, frogs, wind through the trees and everything nature provides


The welcoming staff will prepare 3 vegetarian meals per day for us, organic & mostly grown in their own garden. Each room or cabin will make you feel very comfortable


This is a time for you! To retrieve yourself and take you out of your day to day life. To recharge, to reflect and to be taken care of!

To give you an idea of what a day with us will look like.
As Anna & Debbie both teach Vinyasa & Yin, your days will have a similar set-up with a little surprise each day.
Retrieve your senses!

Example of a day
07:30 Morning Meditation
08:00 Vinyasa Flow Class
09:15 Breakfast
Free time
13:00 Lunch
Free Time
16:00 Workshop with Debbie or Anna
17:30 Yin Class/Face Yoga/Nidra/Meditation
19:00 Dinner

During free time you have the opportunity to explore the beautiful surroundings, have a walk to the waterfalls, sit by the pool, connect with each other or curl up with a book in one of the retreat center' cozy corners.
We will guide you through all the classes and share background information in the 2/3 workshops we'll teach.
You will be fully taken care of and guided throughout this week and will have enough free time to explore as well


This retreat center lies in a beautiful sereen valley with a variety of accommodations. Each room or cabin is unique and has an outside sitting area.
All with heating & their signature standerd of comfort & style.
The prices mentioned below are for a single room, per person.
Contact us if you would like to share a room. The price will be €1550.
You can also pay in 2 or 3 installments. The Luxury Garden Suites have a double bed, so can also be shared by a couple. Please e-mail us if you would like that option.

River Cabin

 These 5 cabins are located next to the water. Falling a sleep with the sounds of the frogs. Located very centrally in the retreat centre, close to everything. Inside 1 one room with 2 beds, 1 bathroom & 1 toilet.

Main House

In the main house are 5 more rooms. Attached/close to the common area where you can sit by the fire & we have our meals together. Also closest to the yoga room, so this is you laziest option 😉 2 separate beds & a bathroom.

“I have found so much more depth in yoga and was able to feel and let go of so many things. What an experience to be able to practice yoga with Anna, wonderful. You really touched me!”
- Lenneke, Client Yoga & Coaching Retreat September 2021
“I wish Debbie would live closer to me, I would immediately switch yoga studio's to be able to join her classes. I learned so many new things!”
- Marly, client Yoga retreat Morocco March 2022


D’Alijo Retreat Center in North Portugal, is an exclusive retreat center located in the village of Cabeceiras de Basto in the province of Minho, with its beautiful city Porto. Porto offers an international airport just one hour away from the retreat centre. The area is well known for its Vinho Verde vineyards, olive fields and beautiful national parks. 

The yoga studio and accommodations are cohesively blended with nature, and is sure to awaken the mind, body and spirit.

The location is about an hour drive from Porto Airport. For around €40 (one way) we can arrange a taxi for you. From our experience you most likely will not need a car ones you've arrived at D'Alijo. We never had one of the participants wanted to go somewhere else 😉 But renting a car is an option as well. Please let us know in advance what you prefer, so we can help you with the transfer.

Any other questions, an option for sharing a room or dietary preference, please do not hesitate to contact us! We would love to make time for you. You can email us at with your question or your phone number and we'll get back to you as soon as we can!