Online Handstand Workshop

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2-4 pm CET November 21 2020
Online workshop via ZOOM.

Gaining the inside, trust and strength to (work towards) balancing on the hands & being up side down. It can be very empowering and fun!
We’ll start with a bit of warm-up exercises and then step by step building up (strength) towards balancing on our arms and play a bit.

Have a pair of socks close by for sliding over the floor
All levels welcome!
See description for more info

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In a playful way we’ll go through some preparations tools & techniques to get the body ready to have fun upside down! There are a lot of aspects that can ruin that experience and I would love to help people getting those obstacles out of the way.
Arm balances can give a feeling of confidence & control. It requires work and effort, but pays off with strength and a feeling of empowerment.
(The ZOOM link will be send to you by e-mail, before the workshop starts).

In my 6 years of gymnastics I got a lot of training in handstands and it also sparked the urge to teach in me. I did my Bachelor’s degree in physical Education and wanted to learn how to teach in a safe and fun way. 10 years of experience in the educational world comes in very handy in teaching yoga and especially the up side down world 😉


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